Camping in period clothing, using traditional utensils over an open fire pit and sleeping in historically designed tents in the middle of a pine forest really is the pinacle of the re-enactment lifestyle.

Collecting wood To build a Funeral Pyre

Collecting wood... To build a Funeral Pyre!

Public Displays

Every first weekend of May marks the Gumeracha Medieval Fair of which we are one of the favoured attractions.

It is here that our historical accuracy and authenticity is put on display for the public's viewing pleasure, and to impart knowledge and enthusiasm for the hobby to potential new members like yourself!

The Gumeracha Medieval Fair picture 1 The Gumeracha Medieval Fair picture 2

The Gumeracha Medieval Fair

Cancer Council's Relay For Life

Cancer Council's Relay For Life

We are also available to attend other public events such as school based displays to complement history lessons, or other public shows, fetes and fairs, or even weddings!

If you are interested in having us come along and participate at your event, please contact the group either via email or by mobile on 0432 459 549.